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Welcome to Yatsura Japan!

I'm your webmisstress Kyo-chan and this is the Offical Lum fanlisting! To learn what a fanlisting is read in the about section. If you already know what a fanlisting is and would like to join please read the rules first!


December 7th 2006
Before I get into our updates I'd like to remind everyone that this is the 65th anniversery of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I think this is a great time to remember just how much the troops of not just America, but plenty of other countries are sacrificing for their countries and to remember what a sad war WWII was. We shouldn't ever forget all the lives lost in any war. Instead, we should work to keep up international friendships while we remember these tragidies so things like this never happen agian.

With that said... We have a new affiliate! The offical Ataru x Lum Relationship Fanlisting. It's a very nice site. Please check it out and join everyone. (Unless of course you are one of those Ataru x Shinobu fans or something. :P)

November 5th 2006
I've added two new members for a total of 19. We're almost to the 20 mark and I am so proud of how much this site has grown. <3 Thank you so much for joining everyone! And if you haven't joined yet and are thinking of doing so we would love to have you.

September 17th 2006
We have a new member! Everyone please welcome Aoko!

June 16th 2006
Sorry this update took so long. I'm been really busy with school. I just wanted to let everyone know that we have had some new additions this month for a total of 16 members!

March 26th 2006
Hello agian! This is Kyo-chan! I just wanted to let everyone know that we now have 12 members! We would have more except for the fact that one of the people who tried to join joined with someone else's username as well as having stolen numurous fanfictions to post on another site as their own work. Yatsura Japan will not tolurate this and has not let this member join. So the lesson~ Don't steal! Whether in real life or online! Then everything will be great! ^-^

Febuary 7th 2006
Been a while since I updated ne? Anyways I have changed things a bit. It is required to give your country if you want to join. I've been having a little bit of trouble with this so I changed the site a little to make this a bit clearer. If you asked to join but didn't give your country I have e-mailed you back to notify you of this and have NOT added you to the list. I'm sorry if it's been a while since you sumited your application. I just seem to have gotten super busy now that school has started agian. Gomen! Also we now have 10 members! Thanks so much for joining everyone! After all a fanlisting is nothing without it's members. ^-^

November 14th 2005
Sorry it's been a while since I last updated. Anyways we have four new members for a total of five! Yay! We also have a new affi, Dancing Star! The Urusei Yatsura fanlisting! *claps*

September 2nd 2005
We are now offical! I'm so happy right now! We have been aproved by the Anime Fanlistings! *dances* I also added a bunch more codes.

July 8th 2005
You might have noticed I now have an Approved By section at the bottem of the page. Well not yet but Silent Hope Listings told me to have a link up before I sumit. That might mean they approve a lot of places! I hope so...

July 7th 2005
Yatsura Japan is now open! I'm so excited! I also applied to make this site offical today. I think I have a good chance that it will become offical. I was going to try to affiliate with Dancing Star, the offical Uresei Yatsura fanlisting today but I couldn't find a contact. So if the webmaster/misstress of Dancing Star is reading this e-mail me. Chow all!

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